List of available Lifestyle Courses in Dubai Knowledge Park.

The Lifestyle courses in Dubai Knowledge Park are provided by the following institutes:

  1. Eduscan Group, offering the course Online
  2. Desert Side Training Institute, offering the course Online
  3. Minds Ahead Institute, offering the course Online
  4. Insights Psychology DMCC, offering the course Online
  5. STEP IT Institute, offering the course Online
  6. Kiddie Care Coaching, offering the course Online
  7. Eton Institute, Dubai Knowledge Park
  8. Brainpower Talent Development Centre, offering the course Online
  9. Premier Genie FZ LLC, Dubai Knowledge Park
  10. Lotus Educational Institute, Dubai Knowledge Park

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126 course(s) offered by INSTITUTE in Dubai Knowledge Park
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Eduscan Group Logo

Online Leadership Training For Teens

This is a leadership training designed to teach young students about leadership through 3 weeks of KHDA Certified training. The training is based on "7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens", a book written by Sean Covey. It will empower teens with the skills and qualities required to be a leaders.

Online by Eduscan Group
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Desert Side Training Institute Logo

App Inventor (Summer Coding Program for Kids)

This course introduces Mobile App building to kids of age 7 to 14. This is a 4-week course with a total of 12 hours duration. We use the MIT App Inventor platform for this camp.

by Desert Side Training Institute
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Minds Ahead Institute Logo

Speed Cubing

Learn to solve the Rubik's Cube in less than 30 seconds.

Online by Minds Ahead Institute
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Insights Psychology DMCC Logo

Positive Parenting In the Midst of Uncertainty

This webinar will help the delegates learning about Parenting in difficult times. The training is led by 'Jolene Palmer', who has worked extensively with teachers and parents to help them understand and support the importance of effective child interaction and implementing key behavior management s...

Online by Insights Psychology DMCC
STEP IT Institute Logo

3D Modeling and Design

Upon completion, students can get KHDA stamped certificate

by STEP IT Institute
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Kiddie Care Coaching Logo

Childcare Courses for Caregivers

Guidance and mastery of babysitting essentials

Online by Kiddie Care Coaching
Eton Institute Logo

Kids And Teens Summer Camp

This Kids and Teens Summer Camp by Eton Institute is a perfect combination of various arts & crafts activities with language learning. The language learning section of this camp focuses on all four language skills namely writing, reading, listening and speaking.

by Eton Institute
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Brainpower Talent Development Centre Logo

Write Right Handwriting Improvement (In Center and Live Online)

This training is available for all ages and the handwriting experts at the academy will provide assistance to students by covering all areas of handwriting. 

Online by Brainpower Talent Development Centre
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Premier Genie FZ LLC Logo

Lego Education WeDo

This course will help the participants in learning about constructing models and also bring them to life. It covers national standards and follows cross-curricular plug ‘n’ teach curriculum.

Cheapest by Premier Genie FZ LLC
Lotus Educational Institute Logo

Inspirational Painting

This course is designed for anyone with basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or some other imaging software. You will learn to create original images with a combination of Adobe Photoshop with painting.

Cheapest by Lotus Educational Institute
Showing Courses 1 - 10

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