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Automobile Engineers deal with the designing, manufacturing and operational aspects of Automobiles. It includes working on their electrical, mechanical, safety and software segments as well. As the automobile industry is experiencing and riding the exciting wave of tech innovations, it is undoubtedly the best era to join this league.

Automobiles include everything from trucks and car to the fantastic Harley Davidson. If a career in Automobile industry interests you, you are in good luck as there are many options for automotive training institutes in UAE. If you search randomly, you will likely see a quality automotive training academy in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, meaning the options are enormous as the demand is high for automobile engineering courses.

This field is subject to different legislative changes as well along with the technological uplift. The regulative circle mostly concentrates on ‘Eco-friendly’ vehicles which are a product of the global ‘eco-system concern’ common to many nowadays. While choosing to do automotive engineering courses in UAE (especially in Dubai), you have to make sure all related domains of the automobile engineering are adequately covered, so you are ready for the futuristic automobile industry upon completing your automobile degree courses.

Completing your Automobile engineering training courses offered in Dubai and other states of UAE will lead you to various exciting working positions like ‘Design, Engineer, Production Engineer, Development Engineer etc.’.

Search for all available quality automotive training academy in Dubai, UAE.

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Certified Automobile Engineering

This is a certified course and it is accredited by the ministry of education, UAE. After completing this course, you will be licensed to work as an engineer anywhere in the world. This program will empower you to be updated on all underlying concepts of Automobile engineering concepts.

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Car Maintenance (CPD Certified)

This course will teach you about car maintenance and its technical aspects. You will learn about the core things like changing the oil, replacing headlights, changing tyres or the battery, inspecting the brakes and brake fluid etc as well as the advanced maintenance.

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Diploma In Automobile Engineering

This Diploma In Automobile Engineering program focuses on the designing and manufacturing process of Vehicles. It discusses about automobile engines, electrical and electronic systems, its components, lubrication system, alternate fuels, diagnostics, repair and services.

Institute by ASTI Dubai (Al Shabaka Technical Institute)
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